5 comments on “Straight Key, Gay Key

  1. interesting idea i guess, to want to get into morse code stuff and collecting these items. Thanks for the help with the programing of my uv5ra.

  2. For the money that you would spend on a decent key, you could buy one of the many devices that work with a keyboard to send perfect CW.

    CW operators are incredibly anal and finicky. If you can’t send at least 15wpm, they won’t deal with you. And your “fist” has to be virtually flawless. I gave up and bought an $89 device from Youkits.com that can send 44 characters at a time. At that point, though, you might as well be working PSK31.
    Of course, you still have to be able to read copy. The automated readers are still unreliable.


  3. I have just bought the Czech key and must say it is a beauty. The best in my collection by far. Even is nicer to use than the Junkers, which is a classic. I haven’t used a Kent paddle but would like to get one someday. I say buy the Czech key while it’s still available. You can always get a Kent later.

  4. Sitting in my shack I have a straight key and a twin paddle key. I hardly ever touch either, because my morse is now very, very rusty, but I much prefer the straight key. I love the look of that Czech item.

    When my dad was alive he used straight and paddle keyers. On a straight key his ‘handwriting’ was unmistakable. I could pick him out in a whole mess of qrm.

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