December in Radio History

December 14, 1877   Ernst Werner von Siemens patents the first loudspeaker
December 24, 1898   First ship-to-shore message sent
December 12, 1901   Marconi receives first trans-Atlantic wireless signal
December 24, 1906   Reginald Fessenden transmits first distant voice/music broadcast
December 06, 1923   President Coolidge makes the first presidential address on U.S. radio
December 16, 1925   Dynamic loudspeaker is designed by Chester Rice and Edward Kellogg.
December 07, 1938   The St. Louis Dispatch begins a two-year experiment to deliver newspapers by radio facsimile, first transmission via W9XZY
December 27, 1947   Bell Labs invents transistor
December 18, 1958   U.S. launches SCORE (Signal Communication by Orbiting Relay Equipment) to transmit radio message from President Eisenhower, effectively becoming the first communications satellite
December 12, 1960   Laser invented
December 15, 1961   John Battison († August 2012) calls for Institute of Broadcast Engineers in Broadcast Engineering editorial
December 09, 1968   Douglas Engelbart demonstrates the computer mouse
December 20, 1991   USA Digital Radio created
December 01, 1995   FCC eliminates Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit requirement to operate a broadcast station
December 22, 2000   Sirius Satellite Radio completes satellite system