Kydera NC-UV90A VHF/UHF Mobile Radio

More competition is on its way for Wouxun, Anytone and Baojie. I noticed the brand earlier, but didn’t look into them. This changed when I was notified about their new product, the Kydera NC-UV90A. Not many details at the time of writing, but I’ll do my best to dig up some more – especially the expected price point.

The radio is expected to hit the market in January 2013. Until then a few stock photos will have to do.

*update 12/12/12* I got an e-mail back from the manufacturer.

Good day!
Thank you for your inquiry. This is Adeline from China New Century Company at your service. We are a professional two way radios manufacturer being in the line with high quality and competitive price for more than 20 years.
NC-UV-90A is one of our newest items. So sorry to tell you that now the price and some of its specification is still in evaluating. While we will tell you immediately once confirmed. Sorry for the inconvenience.
There are also many other handheld radios and single band mobile radios in our company, maybe you will interested in. Welcome to visit our site:, if there is any items attracts you, pls do not hesitate to let us know!
Best regards!

Adeline Ye

In short: specs might change and no price has been set yet. We’ll have to wait.

Kydera NC-UV90A

What I do know is that the Kydera NC-UV90A is a dual-band mobile radio with two independent VFOs, cross-band capabilities and a detachable front panel. Power output is 50Watts on VHF and 40Watts on UHF. The rest of the bells and whistles you’d expect are there too. I did my best to cleanup and sharpen the spec sheet below.

NC-UV90A Specs

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  1. I bought one direct from the factory. No manual, and very hard to program. I am using version 2 of the software. Simplex frequencies work great BUT still having problems getting it into repeater mode. Otherwise radio appears ok. Haven’t done the drop test yet.

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