Free Ship

With a little bit of luck I’m gonna abandon this blog for a while. If I order one Wouxun KG-UVD1P on eBay, I will get a Free Ship! No details on size and sea worthiness, but I hope it’s decent and capable of sailing to the Bahamas.


I hope it’s something like this:



7 comments on “Free Ship

  1. In case your hope is actualized I’m a qualified marine engineer that’s available on easy terms.

  2. Ad’s with poor spelling ? well, mostly I ignore them straightaway, and don’t make any orders on such sites, most of the time there are also (unwanted) hidden extra’s…..
    Like Dutch site’s that import stuff from China, where you get extra costs….. COD ….
    With little effort, it’s possible to spell correctly…..

    • “Free Ship” is actually an well known and accepted abbreviation for “Free Shipment”, not a spelling error. That doesn’t stop me of making fun of it though 😉

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