November in Radio History

November 18, 1883     Railroads introduce four standard time zones in the U.S.
November 15, 1896     Niagara Falls electric power station connects to power grid with first long-distance power transmission
November 15, 1899     Transatlantic Times receives first news by wireless
November 22, 1899     Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of America registered
November 13, 1906     Lee de Forest patents Audion tube
November 16, 1904     Fleming patents thermionic tube (diode tube)

November 14, 1911     Ernst Alexanderson granted US patent for the 100 KHz mechanical high-frequency alternator
November 04, 1916     David Sarnoff proposes “radio music box” for radio reception
November 02, 1920     KDKA broadcasts election results.
November 02, 1920     The first radio receivers sold
November 28, 1925     The WSM Barn Dance (later renamed The Grand Ole Opry) debuts on WSM, Nashville
November 01, 1926     NBC begins operations

Regency_TR-1November 15, 1926     NBC makes its first network broadcast
November 29, 1929     NBC begins use of the chimes
November 19, 1954     First mass-market transistor pocket radio introduced, the Regency TR-1.
November 13, 1975     SBE adopts Certification Program
November 10, 1992     First AM HD Radio broadcast with audio codec
November 23, 1993     FCC makes C-QUAM AM stereo standard
November 14, 1994     FCC adopts EAS rules
November 01, 2006     NPR launches Content Depot

Time flies.