When Ham Radio Intersects With Politics

Normally I don’t care much about website statistics, but occasionally something out of the ordinary catches my eye. Yesterday I suddenly got a large number of hits originating from mainland China. Mainland China? I never get hits from mainland China. Hong Kong, sure, especially if I reviewed something Wouxun or Baofeng.

Then it dawned on me: I’ve been scanned by special bots because of the title I used when describing the MYT Q1. The combination of the second and third word did the trick.

I guess I have to be more careful next time, or else this will happen.


One comment on “When Ham Radio Intersects With Politics

  1. Obviously, the alarmed reaction is from Chinese who aren’t old enough to remember “the British Invasion.” when the invaders also had mop-head haircuts, but were armed only with musical instruments.

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