The Chinese invasion continues: MYT Q1 VHF

Most mono band hand helds from China are UHF radios, but this one is VHF. The factory specs look fine, but we all know that these don’t always equal reality. For $45.50 (409shop) it’s yours. Apart from black also available in Toys “R” Us candy colors.


7 comments on “The Chinese invasion continues: MYT Q1 VHF

  1. I see that it is listed as being a mono band, and the display looks that way too, but if you look at the printing on the edge of the screen, it says VHF/UHF…. lost in translation? Or maybe its “one screen fits all”?

  2. I am totally put off by segmented displays. It’s 2012.
    I need dot-matrix, and I’ll have it at a mere few dollars more.

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