Till Death Do Us Part

If you wonder why it’s been a bit silent here: intermittent computer problems kept bugging me. Even moving the mouse could result in a totally frozen system. You do everything you’re supposed to do – re-installing operating systems and software, checking all drivers, changing memory and cards, but to no avail.

It took a while before I realized that the motherboard (Asus M2R) was dying. I replaced it by a new, but slightly outdated one (read: cheap). Linux isn’t very picky when it comes to raw processor speed, and neither am I.

The new motherboard is running fine, and none of the problems resurfaced. I’m glad that I practice what I preach: make regular backups! Nothing got lost, but a few e-mails I got in the last few weeks still have to be answered. If you’re one of the unlucky people still waiting for an answer: my apologies. I’m working on it.


2 comments on “Till Death Do Us Part

  1. Yep, had some problems with Asus motherboards too, just giving up the ghost for no reason, or some weird sound controller “detection” faults or some weird sounds generated in de audio. i guess the more complicated things get, the easier it gets for errors to appear, and indeed, M$windows throws a few blocks of wood on that fire to keep it burning 😦

  2. Beste Hans, even in het Nederlands.
    Het probleem wat je had komt bekend voor.
    Bij ons bleek dat de elco’s (meestal 1000uF) kapot waren, de topje kwamen omhoog.
    Wij hebben de elco’s vervangen voor nieuwe, een heel karwei maar nu functioneert het bord weer uitstekend.
    Misschien heb je daar wat aan, weggooien kan altijd nog maar repareren is leuker.
    Groet, 73, Ben de PA2OLD

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