Downgrading my phone

My new Nokia 100.

While Apple zombies started riots in both Sydney Australia and Oberhausen Germany, throwing bottles and biting each other, I too ordered a new phone. A Nokia.

Nokia, once leading the way, now an almost-dead company. My new Nokia 100 can’t do anything special. Won’t start a conversation at birthday parties. Won’t make people jealous. Probably looks pathetic in the eyes of many. Will set me back in the pecking order by a mile. No GPS, no Apple Maps (LOL!). Won’t be stolen for sure. And if it is, it will set me back a lousy $25.

Goodbye smartphone, goodbye continuous recharging. Instead of a lousy 16 hours of standby time on average, I get 35 days (yes, thirty-five days) of standby time. Goodbye endless software updates. Goodbye apps tracking me all the time. I can call someone, someone can call me. I can text someone, and someone can text me. End of story.

Have a great weekend!


7 comments on “Downgrading my phone

  1. My phone is a bit more fancy, it has GPS so I don’t need a Tom Tom and it makes excellent photos.
    But, it is almost 5 years old and the battery give me still at least 6 days standby.
    I think I will use this Phone, a Samsung G810, 2 years longer, because it works great!
    Hope that the battery lives that long… 😉

  2. Still use a Nokia here must be 5 yrs or so old, like you said it does the job and no Top Dick or Harry will think of stealing it 🙂

  3. Great phone and great price! Too bad Nokia doesn’t sell in Canada – otherwise I’d get one for myself too. I got Chinese Huawei U2801 instead for $50 or so.

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