Getting familiar with the Rigol DSA-815TG

Trying to get a bit familiar with the Rigol spectrum analyzer. Before starting tests on the Wouxun KG-UV920R, I practiced on a few hand helds. Below the harmonic suppression of the Waccom WUV-6R. Just 32 dB down on VHF, nothing to write home about, but I’ve seen worse.

No need to take crappy pictures of a screen anymore; the Rigol can save its output on a USB device in BMP format. Neat.

Waccom WUV-6R VHF Spectrum Analysis. Click for full size.


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  1. Lol! hoorde je ervaringen op ZDM.:-) altijd leuk om mensen ff te “helpen”hi!

    FF wat anders Hans. Ken je duitse ebay shop sainstore? die hebben oa de baofeng uv5 incl prog kabel voor rond de 50 euries..(+ 5 euro verzend naar Nl..) voordeel is dat je geen gekloot kan krijgen met invoer tax en zo..

    Goed kijken op die site..niet alles komt van DE lager !
    (ik wacht nog ff tot nwe model van die uv 5 via hun geleverd kan worden!
    see >


  2. Hi…
    Can you explain please how to save a “BMP” screenshoot on DSA-815TG???
    I can find only “bin” and “csv” formats for save???

    • There’s a difference between storing measurement data and printing.The print button doesn’t actually print on paper, but dumps screen contents on a USB device.

      Insert an empty USB stick into the front USB Host connector. Select the device (E:) by pressing Storage and turning the main dial. Go back to measuring mode by, for example, pressing the Freq button. From this point on you can save screen contents in BMP format.

      When you press the Print button at the left, you will see a prompt asking for a file name. Think up one by selecting letter by letter (every letter has to be confirmed with the Enter key) and press OK when ready (the OK button appears on the screen, press the button at the right). The screen contents will now be saved in BMP format.

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