Some updates

Due to family matters it’s been a bit hectic here, and some plans had to be put on ice for a while. This is what happened in the mean time:

  1. I ordered a Rigol DSA-815TG. ETA is tomorrow, or next Monday. Can’t wait. I started assembling cables and constructing  a 15 – 45dB external attenuator in advance.
  2. Next Monday (September 10) I will get three Wouxun radios for review, including the KG-UV920R. Many thanks to Ruud from, who runs the place.
  3. I’m thinking of destroying my BlackBerry with a hammer and replace it by something Samsung.
  4. I almost finished assembling the receiving part of a remote control for our regional 70cm repeater.

P.S. Some dogs are real losers.

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