MYT-Q2 – And The Fun Goes On

Where will it stop? This is the latest dual-band radio I ran into while preparing for detailed measurements on the Puxing PX-888K: the MYT-Q2. Price is $40 or lower, depending on the number of radios you order. The radio features a ‘FUN’ button, and I can only guess what it’s supposed to do. No word on standard accessories such as drop-in chargers, and the antenna in the picture looks a bit small to me for a dual band.



General Specifications

Power Supply

7.5V DC ±20%

Operating Temperature

-25°C~ + 55°C

Number of Channels






Transmitter Specifications

Frequencies – Full Bandsplit

VHF: 136MHz~174MHz


Frequency Stability(-25 to 55, 25 Ref)


Power Output


Modulation Limiting

±≤5KHz at 25KHz

FM Hum & Noise

45dB at 25KHz,

Conducted/Radiated Emission

-36dBm < 1GHz, -30dBm > 1GHz

Adjacent Channel Power

 -65dB at 25KHz,

Audio Response (300-3000Hz)

+3 ~ -3 dB

Audio Distortion

< 5%

Receiver Specifications

Frequencies – Full Bandsplit

VHF: 136MHz~174MHz


Sensitivity(12 dB SINAD)EIA

0.25μV at 12.5KHz/25KHz typical

Intermodulation EIA

60 dB

Adjacent Channel Selectivity

65 dB at 20/25KHz

Spurious Rejection

70 dB

Rated Audio


Audio Distortion @ Rated Audio


Audio Response (300-3000Hz)

+3 ~ -3 dB

Conducted Spurious Emission

-58 dBm<1 GHz, -47 dBm>1GHz

7 comments on “MYT-Q2 – And The Fun Goes On

  1. Well, it’s just another one isn’t it ? you have seen one…… they can provide in the most general needs,(no review needed…) the real nice features, you have to pay for, and these are the “A” brands.
    I would like a review about the Yeasu VX-8GE/R….. Because you want to know on what you spend your hard earned money on…..

      • I don’t think the “big brands” have to fear, because these cheap things want you to being able … more ! these cheap models don’t have the “handy features” you see at the big brands….
        I now have a UV-3R mark2 clone , and the UV-5R, that’s enough for now….next one will be a Yeasu, Kenwood, or iCom, I guess…..

    • Yes, I know these things! Not usable here in the EU (only AM). Remember that they’re 5 Watts input – not output. But dirt cheap, that’s for sure.

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