Preview Puxing PX-888K

Another hand held, dual-band radio? Boring! The specifications of most radios look almost identical nowadays, so what’s the point? Hold it, buddy. The Puxing PX-888K is a bit different.

Basic specifications
If we look at the basic specs, there isn’t much to tell. Frequency range is 136-174MHz and 400-470MHz (or 400-480MHz, depending on the source). There’s the you-can’t-do-without LED flashlight plus an FM radio. Power output is 5 Watts on VHF and 4 Watts on UHF. the standard battery is 1200mAH, 1600mAh spares are available as an option. The PX-888K comes in two fashionable colors, black and army green. You can store 128 frequencies into memory, and all the usual menu items are there.

So, what’s different?

  1. First of all, the stun, kill and revive function. Targeted radios can be rendered inoperable remotely, either RX, TX or both. A stunned radio can also be revived remotely.
  2. 5 tone selective call (ZVEI,EIA,CCIR). These tones are often used in professional environments, which makes this radio compatible with commonly used professional hand-helds.
  3. Scrambler, 8 groups. Although banned by law for for use by Ham radio operators, this can be a lot of fun and adds a basic level of privacy. The word ‘groups’ is presumably another word for the various frequencies which are commonly used in voice inversion systems.

A PX-888K will arrive in the beginning of next week. Let’s see if other specs are worth all the trouble, too.

General specifications

Frequency range: 136-174MHz RX/TX, 400-470MHz RX/TX
Power output: UHF 4W, VHF 5W
Weight: 223g (including battery)
Packing weight: 750g
Size: 115*57*30mm (without antenna)
Operating voltage: 7.4V DC


Frequency Stability 2.5PPM
Output Power 5/4W
Max Frequency Deviation 5KHz
Audio Distortion 3%
Modulation Character +3dB—-3dB
Adjacent Channel Power ≥65dB
Spurious Radiation ≤7.5UW(-36db for CE)
Occupied Bandwidth ≤16KHz


RF Sensitivity <0.2UV(12DB SINAD)
Audio Distortion  3%
Audio Response +2dB—-10dB
Adjacent Channel Selectivity ≥60dB
Inter-modulation Rejection ≥60dB
Blocking  ≥80dB

Price indication: $80 (shipping included)


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  1. I guess these cheap sets are good icentives, because you want more after that, at a much higher price you get also a lot of features more, like build-in GPS, etc…. but that is only found in the pro brands, I noticed this and it has an adictive effect on me 😦

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