I have been scammed!

Sometimes I don’t want people to be able to see me. I want to be invisible. Every time I’m driving my car for example, holding a microphone or some hand-held, people slam on their brakes. I can see the wives yell “Slow down, it might be police!” to their husbands. Funny, sure, but I want this to stop.

As usual, eBay is the place to go if you want to search for strange things. But what to search for?

Let’s start with camouflage. Not exactly the same as invisibility, but close. Typing ‘Baofeng Camouflage’ into the search box was enough to get zillions of hits. And yes, I bought one a while ago. It was a Baofeng UV-3R Mark II, that little Smurf HT capable of transmitting on numerous harmonic frequencies you don’t want it to. The ‘camo’ looks cheap, very cheap, like it was dumped by Toys “R” Us for 5 bucks.

I had high hopes, but the UV-3R Camouflage didn’t help at all. As soon as I left the house, people waved at me, saying “Hi Hans!” Darn. What else to look for?

Then it suddenly hit me: Sauron’s ring! Although forged in Middle Earth and supposedly destroyed by a Hobbit, I figured that Chinese merchants invaded that part of the globe too and reverse engineered the ring. I was right. Within a week ‘The One Ring’ (now copied millions of times) arrived. Time to put it to the test. I dressed up for outdoor life, grabbed my camouflaged UV-3R and put the ring on my finger.

I made it to the local park without being noticed, but once there people started to chat with me like they always do. Darn again! I’m now out of ideas. Maybe Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak would do the trick, but I doubt I can get hold of that one. I might as well face it: I’ve been scammed.

On the bright side: I didn’t buy a Wouxun KG-UV920R.

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  1. Regarding Harry Potter’s cloak – my sources tell me it has been stolen by/on behalf of the same Russian mafia oligarch who arranged to have Ron Weasley’s Ford Anglia nicked.

    He is currently scaring the sh*t out of fellow warlords by pulling up to them at traffic lights, winding his window down, and saying, “Hah! You have only a Mercedes with blacked-out windows and armour – I have the boy wizard’s Ford!”

    One rival oligarch hired a sneak-thief to steal the keys, but unfortunately as soon as the thief grabbed them he started dancing around singing “I’ve got the Precious! I’ve got the Precious!” so the theft was soon detected and dealt with.

  2. This Camouflage was even cheaper then on the 409shop ? I never bought something on Ebay, and now I even are more affraid to do so, after reading this,
    Recently i ordered the UV-R5 (Baoteng) on the 409shop, also because the review of this site, But some little time ago I bought the Intek KT-950EE, little did I know, but this also is a “clone” bought it here in the Netherlands, support here doesn’t seem all to best, so i also feel abit been “had”, and programming without having a keypad on such a device isn’t helping either, ordering a USB cable for it ? 😦
    My hopes are set on the UV-R5, it has a lot of features, and even cheaper ! okay don’t compare it to the “pro” equipment, but it’s a lot of “bang for it’s buck”

    • No, the camo version wasn’t cheaper, but it came out later than the black one. The first batch of (black) ‘Mark II’s” had a strange display with spaces or blanks between the numbers.

      • The Intek was the first clone I discovered, and triggered my in interest in this “field” guess I never bought the Intek if I had known of the Baofeng UV-R5…..
        I see this as my first steps to something better/bigger for becomming a licenced N amateur, and be a better judge, for buying some good equipment, by having some “practice on the job”, and this site is helping me a lot, for me as a newbe to this, Thank you !

  3. btw: The Intek software (i don’t have a cable) i looked into, is the same as for the UV-3R.
    the program is called uv-3r.exe……. in the settings.ini file you can enable the name (tag) option, but I don’t know if this has any effect…..
    But enough of this, i checked, and saw my UV-5R is on it’s way to me…
    name tag seems a handy function, does the UV-5R has als DTMF ? that’s also a good feature.

    • My only “finding”, what i can make of it, is, that the FM broadcast band of the UV-5R isn’t as good as it is on the Intek clone i have, which is the same as the UV-200 mark 2 from Baofeng,
      I wouldn’t advise anyone to buy the UV-200…. The push buttons will give up….. The UV-5R is just way better ! also because of the the new extended power cell you can buy for it…….

    • You can’t compare, or shouldn’t compare the UV-3R(mark2?) with the UV-5R, the UV-5R has some features extra, is slightly bigger and has a numneric keyboard.
      If you need a really small transceiver you could considder the UV-3R, but the UV-5R is more bang for your bucks.

      • UV-5R is 4W while UV-3R+ is 2W, so I’m not comparing the two.

        I just what to know the optimal power output for UV-3R+ for each of the frequencies.

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