Quansheng TG-Q5 update

The price is $38 at 409shop.com, which includes shipping world-wide. This is somewhat cheaper than I expected. According to the description the TG-Q5 is “Fit for using in hotel, restaurant, KTV, super-market, Travelling or consuming amusement place”. Hmmm, a consuming amusement place. Nice.

There’s no antenna to worry about, as it is built-in. To the best of my knowledge there’s no speaker or microphone, you’ll need a headset to get it to work. Programming is likely only possible by software. Who’s the first to order one?


2 comments on “Quansheng TG-Q5 update

  1. I’d like to get one. But without a keyboard, without sofware and without a programming cable I doubt I can set up a channel to use with the local repeater.

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