Baofeng UV-5R Test Drive

Last Saturday I went to an old friend who was celebrating his birthday. I took the car, but left my dual-band rig plus antenna at home. Instead I used the Baofeng UV-5R inside the car, using the stock antenna, and tuned to my local 70cm repeater PI2FLD. Distance from the repeater to my friend’s home was about 40 Km / 25 miles. Contact was never lost. Unbelievable.


4 comments on “Baofeng UV-5R Test Drive

  1. Wow, and that’s with a negative gain antennae in an urban area. Imagine the range out in the country with a good telescopic!

    • Hahaha, right you are! Don’t forget that Holland is as flat as a pancake, and much of the distance between HT and repeater was taken up by a big lake. This test drive probably won’t work anywhere else, especially not when hills and such become part of the equation.

  2. Na opinião dos mais experientes e usuários do Baofeng, UV-5R, qual seria a antena telescópica mais indicada para um melhor desempenho deste pequeno notável HT ?
    Agradeço antecipadamente a todos que se manifestarem com suas opiniões.
    Almeida – Limeira – SP. Brazil

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