Quansheng TG-Q5: Fashion Rules

Enough of boring black boxes? This new Quansheng ‘Lucky Stone’ will cure your bordedom for sure. Price is unknown at the time of writing.


Frequency Range UHF:400-470Mhz
Rated Voltage DC 3.6V
Memory Channels 16
Output power 2W
Remanent radiation <7μW
Frequency stability ±5PPM
Intermodulation distortion Wide≥60dB, Narrow≥55dB
Adjacent channel selectivity Wide≥65dB, Narrow≥60dB
Blocking ≥85dB
Spuriours rejection ≥65dB
Battery 1000mAh Li-ion battery
Size(mm) 89*546*20mm
Packing(pcs) 40 or 100PCS/CTN
Standard Accessories Radio, antenna, Li-ion battery,
Li-ion charger, Belt Clip
User’s Manual,cord
Optional Accessories Headset. Speaker. Battery eliminator. Programming Cable

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