EnGenius EOC-2611P, deaf as a post

Before Dirk and I can go on experimenting, I have to sort out a problem with my brand new EnGenius EOC-2611P. When compared to the TP-Link TA-WA5110G, a dirt cheap AP with comparable features, the number of SSID’s the Engenius can find is pathetic. Both systems were connected in exactly the same way: located just underneath the antenna, with power supplied by using POE.

My dealer confirmed that this problems sticks up its ugly head sometimes, and will replace it.

Only two access points found by the $160 EnGenius EOC-2611P. These were my own, with their antenna located just 2 meters from the WiFi Grid Antenna.

The $35 TP-Link TL-WA5110G finds 17 access points with ease.


2 comments on “EnGenius EOC-2611P, deaf as a post

  1. I found the same problem.. is there a way to improve the EOC 2611 signal? I’m using my TL-wa5110g as my access point, now. 😦

    • No, even with 24-25dBi antennas the problem stayed. The TP-Link does a much better job (and is a hell of a lot cheaper).


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