Baofeng UV-5R bugs to date

  1. Direct frequency access. See Baofeng UV-5R Review Part 1.
  2. There are 9 settings for the squelch threshold, but changing it doesn’t make a difference. Whatever the setting, the Baofeng wakes up at -129dBm on VHF, and -126dBm on UHF. Under normal conditions the default squelch threshold seems to be just right, but in a noisy environment this bug might haunt you.
  3. The same is true for the VOX sensitivity. It doesn’t matter what setting you choose, the sensitivity stays the same.

15 comments on “Baofeng UV-5R bugs to date

  1. Hans,

    Do you have a variable white noise source that you can modulate your signal generator with for a S/N squelch test to see if the SDR algorithm used for squelch is tilted towards noise level and not limiting?


  2. do you have an idea how to store dates on pc? I have the connect-cable for usb. It is said, that port 1 and 7 are ok. but when i try, I get the message: connect failed. So I’m not able to transfer dates from pc to radio and viceverse.

    • Port settings are not stored by the software, you have to change it on your pc, and set it to port 1, in hardware settings for this serial device.

  3. Set up the Baofeng software and the prolific driver, Com port is ok , But when running the software I set the com port the try to read from radio several times and end up with the same info (Fail connect with transceiver ) The software for Windows 7 will not read from the radio or write to it. Whats Up?

  4. Mine: Select a frequency (tested 70cm), talk, no problem. Switch to FM Radio, listen, switch back and you have no RX any more. Switch off/on, everything is fine. Strange Bug, maybe related to the “beep” bug.

  5. I’ve programmed 25 of these radios using Linux and Chirp works like a dream, none of the problems you get with Windows and drivers, support is built into Linux automatically, the only bug I’ve come across is turning off the beep stops the radio from rx’ing

    other than that a sound bit of kit

    on the hardware side be wary of plugging in the programming cable while you are sorting out the USB drivers for Windows 7 whilst the radio is turned on, it can turn on the transmit all the time you’re sorting it out with no indication it’s transmitting I might add on some firmwares, I nearly fried one doing that, you don’t have that problem in Linux however….. Also linux seems much faster at programming them
    and absolutely no comms dropouts either……

    On the dual monitor side you may find that monitoring the same frequency but with different CTCSS tones confuses the beast, sometimes it will select the right tone sometimes it won’t and you’ll just see the green carrier present light but no audio, the workaround is to not monitor the same frequency with different tones 😉

    other than that everything seems to be functioning as they intended with excellent audio and power output

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