EU Proposal Seeks All Antennas To Be Outlawed

So, the bomb finally fell. It was a matter of time, I think. Ham Radio, which is still mixed up with ‘communication’, might become something of the past. This time it’s not because antennas are considered ugly. No, it’s about radiation. Think Chernobyl, think Fukushima.

Ionosphere and HF signals
When we transmit on, let’s say, 40 meters, we largely depend on the reflection of our signals by the ionosphere. The ionosphere is called that way for a reason: this layer is easy to ionize. We are actually irradiating the layer in an attempt to get our message across. Irradiation is the process by which an object is exposed to radiation (1).  Until now, the term ‘irradiation’ usually excluded the exposure from microwaves, cellular phones or electromagnetic waves emitted by radio & TV transmitters and power supplies. The fact that radio waves were harmful, was carefully hidden or denied. Not anymore.

Ham Radio Kills
Unfortunately, according to the EU, we are killers. We kill from large distances. Innocent civilians, living thousands of miles away, are hit by the reflection of our irradiating radio waves. And die by the hundreds. We’re exporters of death, and law makers agree that this can’t go on. If this proposal is accepted, a switch to Echolink will be in order. After all, the Internet doesn’t irradiate.

Ham Radio Kills

Moon bouncing
Not verified yet, but moon bouncing might get the boot, too. According to various scientific sources, the moon is essential for the survival of our species. No moon, no human race. Period. Pushing the moon farther and farther away by smashing radio signals into its surface is not a good idea. Even National Geographic wonders about this in a show: “Without the moon in its regular orbit around the planet, would life exist on Earth?” (2)

Our future
Let’s  enjoy our hobby while we can. The fun might be over quicker than you think.


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  1. The time has come to destroy the “Evil Empire” that is the EU and remember it was the then Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs who first labeled the EU “The greatest danger to the English speaking world and our culture and freedoms” Like the Nazis the EU is a creeping evil and needs to be stopped NOW! The fastest way to stop it is kill the vaporware paper phony money called the “Euro”p that underpins it. At least both the Greenback and the Pound are backed by hard metal even if only in part. As for this bit of stupidity regarding sky-wave radiation, why don’t they try banning the SUN it produces higher levels of flux at the earths surface than most high power HF transmitters used for broadcasting their propaganda, compared to which hams contribute near zero. When to throw in VHF-UHF TV and Satellite Broadcasting not to mention Military Radar most of which have peak powers of more than a Megawatt, and other non-ham big power users of HF to microwave. Put the EU off the air first since it got here last. Thank god for the FCC.

    • Dave… hold your horses!
      its a sort of special date news flash…;-)

      nice one btway Hans!

      Ron. Swl

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