Zolmmm.com / Zolmm.com – SCAM

We have an interesting ham radio mailing list here in NL, properly moderated, but occasionally something slips through which will raise all hairs in the back of my neck. Today it was an e-mail from someone advertising a website called zolmmm.com (yes, with 3 x m in the name), which immediately redirects to zolmm.com (2 m’s). Here’s the original e-mail:

Hi, good luck! Hi,
I am pohnet,here is a good news to tell you, I came accross a
website: http://www.zolmmm.com, they meanly sells electronic
products, they provide good safeguard and accept paypal payment,
it’s very secure. I bought a cellphone from the site and have
received it, very good quality!
Happy everyday!

The poor English alone should be enough to raise the famous red flag, but in case you’re not so knowledgeable in the field of online scams, here are the other red flags I found within 5 minutes:

– The redirect is odd, trustworthy companies wouldn’t do that. Seems like a poor attempt to hide the origin.
– The website was registered on 02/02/2012, and only for one year (typical for a hit & run scam)
– Payment options are limited to anonymous and/or unsafe systems (Money Union, bank transfer). Ignore the Paypal and CC pics, they’re just there for decoration. Paypal seems to be an option, but only if you accept a 30% price hike.
– Owner’s address in China is cryptic (and probably fake)
– E-mail address resides at hotmail.com
– Phone- and fax numbers are identical

Surf safe,

Hans / PD0AC