A Mythbuster Special: IT9RYH

10. A well known game developer pulled the plug on “Finding Nino”.

Confirmed. The game wasn’t challenging enough. Almost every player found him immediately on 14.195 MHz.

9. Yaesu is one of the biggest sponsors of Nino.

Confirmed. Although Yaesu officials frantically try to deny this, the evidence is compelling. Almost every Yaesu stock photo shows 14.195 MHz in the display.

8. Icom is trying to take over Yaesu’s sponsorship.

Confirmed. Icom company officials were clearly embarrassed when I contacted them, and quickly switched over to deny mode. The frequency displayed in recent stock photos, they said, was a chosen randomly. Really. Read our lips.

7. His official call sign was not IT9RYH.

Plausible. According to some, the issued call sign was originally India Delta One Oscar Tango, but he managed to bribe a few officials to get it changed.

6. Nino is a valued customer of SteppIR.

Busted. A SteppIr is pointless when you use one single frequency.

5. There is a IT9RYH fanclub.

Plausible. This might be a secret society, searching Google generated just 43 (quite sketchy) results.

4. There seems to be a picture of his next rig somewhere on the Internet.


3. There seems to be a picture of his next Yagi somewhere on the Internet.


2. The IT9RYH soap will continue in 2012.

Confirmed. Nothing will change. Sorry.

1. When I look at this post, you must be really bored.

Confirmed! Merry Christmas everyone, and a happy new year!

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  1. Leuk gevonden Hans. Nino schijnt vroeger ook aktief geweest te zijn op 27MC. Misschien keert hij inderdaad wel terug met zijn nieuwe radio. Prettige feestdagen….

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