Putting the TMV-71E to good use

I finally managed to find a cable to connect the Kenwood TMV-71 to Echolink. For a normal price, I mean. It will take a week or so to arrive. Configuring the link is easy, all the equipment is there, but I still have to select a usable frequency, probably on 2 meters.

The link won’t be on 24/7. Local regulations require me to be physically present at the station (*), unless I’m willing to pay a hefty fee for a special permit. Let’s experiment a bit first, I can always decide to change it into a more permanent link.

(*) Update: that strict rule has been changed. If I can control the system through the Internet, it should be fine.


3 comments on “Putting the TMV-71E to good use

  1. Hallo Hans, die regel is aangepast. Je hoeft niet meer fysiek bij de zender aanwezig te zijn. Als je het station maar op afstand (alleen door jou) kan bedienen cq aan/uit kan zetten. Dat is vrij eenvoudig via internet te realiseren. 73, Bas

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