14 days (or so) on KQ2H, 29.620 MHz

What can I say? So far, it has been great fun. There’s a bunch of regulars present there every morning (NYC local time), and a few regulars from Europe. The most prominent ham is probably M1OOO (M One Triple Oscar) who, at the time of writing, was able to work the repeater 46 days in a row.

The last three days I used the Albrecht AE497W (see one of the previous posts) to access this repeater. That worked fairly well, somewhat better than expected even. The incoming repeater signal, nor the Albrecht’s modest power output (21 Watts) were to blame for the contacts that failed. The main problems were:

  • Some operators have no clue whatsoever that they’re calling CQ on a repeater input frequency,
  • Some operators have microphones, but no ears (or no manners). They will flatten any signals getting ‘in their way’. These hams are referred to as “The Wolf Pack”.
  • Some have no problem calling “CQ CQ” 20 times, while there’s still a QSO going on.

Then there’s a group of operators who don’t have bad intentions at all, but have their compression and mike gain at maximum, making their signal totally unreadable. FM deviation is as wide as the Atlantic Ocean, resulting in the worst distortion you can imagine. To make matters worse, they seem to be used to yelling so loud into the microphone that they would make a good salesman on a local market. Answering with “Switch off compression, back away from the microphone!” usually does the trick.


9 comments on “14 days (or so) on KQ2H, 29.620 MHz

  1. Hallo Hans, ik heb er nog nooit zitten luisteren. Aangezien mijn FM op de IC-706 wat hapert gaat het werken daarop niet best. Wat is de ingang van deze repeater? Kan ik op internet nergens vinden? 73, Bas

  2. Hi Hans,

    In UK, on television a lot in the 1970s and 1980s, was a ventriloquist with a very large lion on his arm called “Lenny the Lion”. That Lion’s catchphrase was “Oh, don’t embarras me!” However, because Lenny the Lion spoke with a lisp (whoever heard of a lion with a lisp?!) he would say, “Oh, don’t embawwas me!” and go all shy.

    So that’s how I feel when you embawwas me on-air!…….

    Best regards,


  3. Hi Hans,

    I have fixed my comments issue. As suspected it was a permissions setting. I had not enabled anonymous comments by default. Now , going forward all the blog entries will allow anonymous comments. And I have edited the post about 10 meters and propagation to allow anonymous.

    Thanks for pointing out the issue . Otherwise I would not have known.

    Take care,

  4. Hee Hans.. leuk die 10 mtr USA fm rptr.. !

    luister vaak ff mee in de middag.. en dat op een Alinco handscanner met een 2 mtr dipool indoors! 🙂

    Signaal is vaak
    erg goed, alleen soms zit er er een dagje een rare pulserende bromtoon op/rond die freq.. (vaak zit die net ff hoger.)

    maar tis toch apart om NL amateurs te horen via usa..terwijl ik nix op de ingang hoor..hi!

    En hoorde ik het afgelopen weekend nu goed ? een UK HAm met maar 5 watt die daar ook te horen was?

    73! ,


  5. Die ‘rare’ bromtoon is een CTCSS toon van 146.2Hz. Omdat de output van de repeater ons via verschillende reflecties of paden bereikt, ontstaan er faseverschillen. Dit veroorzaakt het gezoem. Je zal dan ook gemerkt hebben dat, naarmate het signaal sterker wordt, de zoemtoon steeds minder hoorbaar wordt. Als je direct onder de repeater zou staan, hoor je (vrijwel) niks.

    Er zijn meerdere UK amateurs die met QRP de repeater volkomen ruisvrij kunnen werken. Zelf heb ik ook met 5 Watt geëxperimenteerd. Als de propagatie een beetje meewerkte ging dat prima, maar ik zit sneller in de ruis dan mijn Engelse vrienden.


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