Albrecht AE497W – Dusting off an old friend

Inspired by GM4ULS, who purchased an Anytone AT-5555 for use on 10 meters, I retrieved my Albrecht AE497 from the storage and dusted it off. It’s a nice looking base station, and the power output of 25 Watts should be enough to make radio waves travel around the world. Although the radio looks more like a CB radio than anything else, two options are signs that the radio was designed with hams in mind: a 1750Hz burst tone and a customizable repeater shift.

The Albrecht AE497S/W. Click image for larger version.

If you want to know more, the AE497W Manual plus specs can be downloaded from this blog. I will try to hit the NYC repeater on 29.620 MHz this afternoon, and make some SSB contact as well. I’m aware that the stock microphone isn’t the best ever and sounds real tinny, but it should be good enough for a test. I’ll keep you posted.


3 comments on “Albrecht AE497W – Dusting off an old friend

  1. That looks like a nice radio, Hans. If you’re on the air on Wednesday 23rd I should be monitoring KQ2H on 29.620 from about 12:45z onwards.


    • That sked went reasonably well, I guess. The repeater was stronger before and after our short QSO at times, but that’s something we can’t control. The Anytone sounded quite good.

      • Yes, it was good to speak to you, although sometimes the great Djinn of the Ionosphere was not smiling on us!

        I have been getting some good reports from the Anytone on AM. Almost nobody in the USA seems to have heard about these variously-named and very cheap Chinese rigs.

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