AM, the forgotten mode

As we all know by now, it has been great on 10 meters lately. Memories dating back to the seventies / early eighties started to bubble up like methane gas from a swamp. I can still draw my Sharp 6-channel CB transceiver out of my head, without missing even one detail. It only produced about 3.5 Watts output, which was sent into a 1/4 wave ground plane. In AM, of course, as that was all we got at the time. I remember the soft, pleasant background noise. No squelch required. QSO’s around the world could be made 24/7.

Yesterday and today I decided to keep an eye on AM signals and tuned my FT-7B to the lower part of 29MHz. Without much trouble I worked three stations. UR5QGC (Ukraine) was added to the log yesterday, who was working with a home made transmitter and an old military receiver. Today I picked up N1EU and W9UD, both in the USA. 20 Watts and a vertical proved to be enough for a reasonable signal report. This solar cycle is not as good as the one I mentioned earlier (the band closes about 1 hour after sunset), but great nonetheless.


3 comments on “AM, the forgotten mode

  1. Hi Hans.

    I had already replied to you comment on my blog when I saw that you use an FT-7B. I had one many years ago (in fact I bought it as an incentive to pass my ham exam). It was fitted with crystals for 11m, as many ham rigs were in the early 1980s, but by the time I sold it to a friend it was fully fitted with 1om crystals. It was a beautiful little rig and I wish I still had it.

    I spoke to W9UD too – that would have been yesterday.


  2. If I would want to sell my FT-7B, I have people waiting in line. Especially the counter seems to be interesting for many, as it’s rather rare. I also noticed that the YC-7B is often more expensive to buy second hand than the FT-7B itself. Crazy.

    I’ll hold on to mine, just love it.


    • I never had the YC-7B – at the time I liked analog dials. But if I could find an FT-7B before I decide to buy a K-Po DX5000 I would buy it without a second thought!

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