Ham Radio Clocks & Wrist Watches (new arrival)

I always loved ham radio clocks. My Yaesu QTR-24 has been a loyal shack companion for many years, and it probably will be for the foreseeable future.

Yaesu QTR-24

Wrist watch with three time zones
Today I received a package from Hong Kong, containing a rather strange looking wrist watch. The first reactions of my friends were “What the heck is that?” With a case diameter of 45mm and a strap width of 25mm it’s a big and odd looking wrist watch indeed. Way too big for my small wrist actually, not something I would wear outside the shack, but the functionality makes up for it.

Not a 24-hour movement
Three dials instead of one make it possible to see three time zones at once. I set the big dial to UTC, the upper small dial shows NYC time, and the last one is set for Tokyo Japan. When I first saw the picture on eBay, I thought that the big dial would be driven by a real 24-hour watch mechanism, but it isn’t. Pity. The picture below shows the watch next to a Baofeng UV-3R. In the background: my Yaesu FT-920. Lighting conditions prevented me from showing that the case has a rather nice ‘black tungsten’ finish.

Where to get one
I bought mine on eBay for $14 from this seller. The brand printed on this watch is ‘Oulm’.

Big, bigger, biggest