The good news: 10 meters is open big time.

Three weeks in a row! I’m kinda glued to 10 meters lately. It’s amazing what a simple 5/8 wave vertical can do on 10 meters!

The bad news: intruders. Lots of them. No, not CB operators who got lost, but taxi companies operating somewhere in eastern Europe. Russia, I presume, and other parts of the former Soviet Union. Most of them operate somewhere between 28.000 and 28.400, but I heard these intruders operate up to 29.200. The mode used is FM.

Fortunately I’m still able to make great QSO’s there. I just avoid them. If I can’t, I’m sure they’re more annoyed by my signal than I am by theirs. A bit of DSP filtering, combined with an automatic notch does the trick just fine.