Puxing InterPhone combines a cell phone with a dual band HT

Tired of carrying both a cell phone and a dual band HT? Apparently Puxing worked out a solution. Dubbed the ‘Mobile InterPhone’, this soon-to-be-available(?) device will combine a GSM cell phone, MP3 player, FM radio, TV receiver, camera and dual band HT in one. Not much is known about the InterPhone other than Puxing’s website states at this time. The quad band phone supports two sim cards (dual standby) and can be switched to ‘Ham mode’ at any time.

Frequency range will, without much doubt, be identical to all other hand helds originating from China: 136-174 MHz and 400-470 MHz. Power output is not stated, but will probably not exceed 2 Watts. In general cell phone batteries aren’t great performers, so I can’t imagine this gadget pumping out more than that. The Interphone can be programmed manually or by using a PC, and up to 128 frequencies can be stored into the built-in memory.

The question is: who is waiting for such a gadget? What are we willing to pay for it? No price indication is given, so this will stay a mystery for now. Your opinions are appreciated.

Photograph courtesy of Puxing Electronics. Clicking on the image will show a larger version.

*Update May 20, 2011* Phone is sold for $200 at AliExpress. Link also provides more technical info. (thanks to Danny PD0JDF)

*Update November 1, 2011* Phone / HT was tested by PA2JM and a few other hams. In short: a total disappointment.

All advise against buying this Puxing. Furthermore, PayPal does no business anymore with AliExpress, which makes purchasing a risky business.


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  1. hallo …. best wishes for 2012.

    i have the mobile interphone and it please me.
    with the earphone connected de audio is good without the earphone is de audio to loud.
    i am look to change that.
    i have two to sell.

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