Antenna simplicity

Just a pic of my antennas. Simplicity all over the place. I have no other choice, really. I live in a rental house and landlords aren’t quite fond of antennas. I’m not complaining though.


I now have three verticals and a bunch of dipoles on my roof:

  • Discone antenna (Diamond, stainless steel version, also usable for transmitting on 6 meter, 2 meter, 70 centimeter and 23 centimeter)
  • Diamond X50 (2 meters, 70 centimeters)
  • Sirtel GPE (5/8 wave for 10 meters)
  • Multi-band dipole for 10, 15, 20 and 40 meters (all dipoles end up in one feed point)

It works, and it works even better than expected.


3 comments on “Antenna simplicity

  1. If I was your landlord I wouldnot complain in the least – the antennas are clean, will situated and balanced on the roof – nothing distracting – I would even “bug” you to see how your rigs work – – – keep up the good appearance



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