Keeping my English up to date

English has been my second language since elementary school. As far as I’m concerned, English is quite easy to master, although its rules not always consistent.

A slim chance and a fat chance turn out to be the same, but a wise guy and a wise man are definitely two different people. A house can burn up as it burns down, a form is filled in by filling it out and an alarm goes off by going on.

There’s no egg in eggplant nor ham in hamburger; neither pine nor apple in pineapple, English muffins do not come from England and French fries do not come from France.

People recite at a play and play at a recital, they ship by truck, park on driveways, drive on parkways and people have noses that run and feet that smell.

Oh well.


5 comments on “Keeping my English up to date

  1. English, the best and most practical language in the world!
    BTW, French Fries in England are called “chips”

  2. Just spotted your “alarm” comment. In England alarms do “go off” the term “going on” is not correct. You’ve let too many “americanisms” creep into your knowledge of English.

  3. same here in my country. English is not daily. glad I’m interesting contesting so these are no long QSOs except RST and serial numbers.

  4. I used to work in Peterborough Ontario Canada at a call centre helping American T-Mobile customers. While in Canada it is common to talk about someone’s services being “cut off” or discontinued, to our continued amusement huge numbers of American customers, irate over service disconnections, would demand that their services be “cut on”.

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