The HBH Award

In case you’re thinking that this award actually exists: it doesn’t. Maybe it should. ‘HBH’ is an additional note I make in my log book. It stands for ‘Hi Bye Ham’, a special breed of radio amateurs. The typical HBH has only one line, which is something like “PD0AC, you’re 5/9, QRZ?”

Technically speaking I made a QSO, but after running into a Hi Bye Ham, I feel like I’m suffering from a very bad hangover. What’s the guy’s name? Where does he live? Is he married? What type of gear does he use? Has he ever been to Holland? Does he own a dog? Any subject would be nice! Any conversation with a duration exceeding three minutes would be great!

Most English HAMs don’t seem to suffer from the HBH disease, neither do American HAMs. I wish I knew why, but thankfully there are lots of them to talk to every day.