GlobalQSL, part II

This week, I received the 100 blank QSL cards I ordered from GlobalQSL. The printing quality is outstanding and surpasses all my expectations! A nice glossy finish makes makes these cards really stand out.


Any remarks? Yes. When you design the back of the card, you must leave a certain part of the card (right hand corner) free of images or text, as this is the part where QSL information will be printed. However, I expected blank cards to be pre-printed with “To station”, “Frequency”, “RST” and such, so I could take a pen and fill in the blanks. Unfortunately, the right hand corner of the card is completely empty.

I’ll have to use stickers, I’m afraid.


2 comments on “GlobalQSL, part II

  1. When you design blank cards you should add the boxes you need to fill in the qso information.
    You choose one of the designs that are for printed qsls so the right corner was left blank.
    Paul 4X6UU

  2. Well, I missed that one, obviously. Nevertheless, my compliments Paul, you guys do a really good job.

    Our clubstation will be the next customer and other hams here are looking into GlobalQSL as well, after seeing my cards.

    Again, great system, Paul!

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