Linking To Other Ham Radio Blogs

The more I surf the Net, the more Ham Radio blogs I find. One of the best resources is, a mix of a database and a blog search engine. Technorati has a way of ranking blogs, which they call ‘authority’. If a blog links to you (in an article, in a page or by means of a permanent link in the Blogroll), Technorati will add one ‘point’ to your authority.

Personally, I think that the word ‘authority’ is misplaced. Even the worst blog in the world can get a high authority, just by publishing one really stupid article – so stupid in fact, that a number of other blogs link to it just because it’s so stupid. Nevertheless, many blog owners seem to like the idea. Apparently, a high authority gives some bloggers a good feeling.

Still, I believe that it’s not a bad idea to link to other Ham Radio blogs. Not to all of them, but to a selection of the finest. I wouldn’t link to blogs that are dead for over a year, for example. It’s also good for your Google PageRank® when someone links to you. The higher your PageRank, the more chance you have to be listed in the first Google result pages.

A higher than average PageRank is something you can only get when you deserve it – people won’t link to you unless your content stands out of the crowd. Google calculates all links from the Internet (not only from blogs, but from any page or website), and will have a major impact on search results.