Yaesu / Sommerkamp FT-7B

The Yaesu FT-7B was the successor of the FT-7, a solid state QRP mobile HF transceiver and appeared in Europe around 1980. The B model offered AM mode, more power output (50 Watts instead of 10 Watts), a noise blanker and an input RF attenuator. Most importantly, the B version had the complete 10 meter band covered, divided into four 500 KHz segments. The earlier QRP version offered only one 500 KHz segment.

Yaesu /  Sommerkamp FT-7B

My FT-7B, Sommerkamp version, shown with optional YC-7B counter

If you own an FT-7B and treat it well, it is nearly indestructible. FT-7’s are built like a tank, so reliability has never been a problem – unless you dropped it from a 10 story high building. Thanks to a modular design, similar to that of a PC, the transceiver is very easy to repair. You just take out a board, locate the problem, repair it and slide it back into its slot. In spite of its age, the receiver sensitivity and selectivity are quite good. Modulation can be described best as TOYS (Typical Old Yaesu Style): warm, civilized, beautiful, Hi-Fi even.

FT-7B Analog tuning As was common for many transceivers in those days, you can’t switch on your FT-7B and immediately start making your first QSO. Your FT-7B will drift and it will take about 30 minutes before the VFO settles down. After that period, drift is minimal.

There is no other way to check wheather the VFO settled down or not than by listening to the signals. The (optional) YC-7B counter is of little help, as it initially drifts down at an incredible rate of 100 Hz per second(!) Personally, I don’t mind a little bit of drift at all, it is one of the charms of working with an old trx.

When very strong signals are present, nearby, out of band or otherwise, the frontend can be overwhelmed and buckle. Pushing the ATT button solves the problem.

That’s about it, I guess. If you can find one at a reasonable price, you won’t be disappointed.

FT-7B Specifications:

FT-7B Specifications

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  1. FT 7B have a friend who fell from a building not high (laughter) but from my side.
    Know someone who can help me, I need new Knobs, including the vfo. E j? that I will
    exchange them, I thought about changing the front too? m. If you can help me please? Thereof,

  2. Very very very goooood transceiver, I’s a long time I use it… Does someone know how you can modify it for 45 meters band ?

  3. possuo um desses,.. raridade, mas não tenho manual, , qual é a posição melhor p/ transmitir, mic gain , tune e drive..

  4. hello, is here somebody why sel his sommerkamp or yaesu /muesen ft-7b /yc-7/fp12……?????
    i loking severel sides but nothing on the moment best regards cor pa5six 73

  5. I found a Yaesu FT-7B on a short sale pile. How can I tell if it works or not there is not a power cord with it but there was a Sky DC regulated power supply with it.

    Roy Smith

  6. i have found my ft-7b on ebay in germany with the yc-7b counter, now i wants the power supplyfp-12, too but here in holland there is nothing to buy, so wie can help me, a new one ft-7b is also good but complete please, thank you all best73 cornelius pa5six

  7. Got one, need the counter just for cosmetics, love to read right from the vfo. This one works like a charm.
    Desde Puerto Rico…..73’s

  8. Dear Hans, Thanks for the lovely write up. This was my first transceiver and it was excellent. The receiver was very good and gave me endless. Joy. Thanks for the great write up. Can I use the picture with full credit to you in my Face Book??
    73 from Sri Lanka

  9. i have the YAESU-FT7B
    found it on e-bay in austria and i wanted it for use on 10 meter mobile but it is to big for under the dashboard
    so it is a nice add for my yaesu/soka museum
    bullitproof build and good audio is a pre
    for mobile use not really user frendly but i use it base sometimes
    it is a nice workhorse
    looking to complete it with the fp12 powersupply the yc-7b counter and maybe the YAESU FT-7 qrp model
    greetings des pd2mgy

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