Special Event Stations

It is common knowledge that distance is nothing to brag about, just a bit of propagation is enough to work around the globe. When a sun spot cycle is at its peak (next peak is scheduled for 2012), you can talk to any station in the world, 24/7, using just a simple vertical or dipole. It even doesn’t matter much anymore how many Watts you squeeze out of your transceiver or linear amplifier.

This is one of the reasons why I like to hunt for special event stations. Thanks to short skip on 20 meters, I could add two more to my log this week: EI75IRTS and OE16B.


If you want to work OE16B: hurry, you only have one day left.


One comment on “Special Event Stations

  1. bonjour , mielleux voeux pour 2009. Je possède un yaesu ft 7b ,il me manque le bouton de bande plus le calibrage et le micro d’origine ,actuellement j’utilise le micro d’un président grant .pour le 40 mètres j’ai un problème de réception qui ce fait juste de 7.100 MHZ. J’ai essayé de branché un micro de table zetagi mb+ 5 la modulation impossible .Excellent réception sur toutes les autres bandes.Je l’utilise que sur le 11 mètres (CB) .Fr0fh lilian

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