HAM Humor

It’s part of the HAM culture, I guess, making fun of each others equipment. There are Yaesu fans, Kenwood fans and Icom fans. Maybe Alinco fans exist too, although I never met one. A Kenwood fan will never admit that a certain Yaesu model is better than his own rig, and the opposite is true too. It doesn’t matter what you buy, you will get laughed at!

We all think it’s great fun. Kenwood fans had to endure a lot lately, when some Yaesu fans announced that they discovered the best Kenwood ever. “Hey, we saw a nice new Kenwood model today! It’s a can openener, mixer, blender and coffee machine, all in one!” (Note: in the eighties, Kenwood rigs were branded TRIO here. Kenwood was only known for its kitchen appliances and Kenwood was afraid that this would hurt their sales)

Icom owners have a different problem. Icom tranceivers that were made and sold in the eighties, had a terrible reputation. They would fail prematurely, more than once, but you never knew when. The reason was an unreliable type of circuit board and the method Icom used to connect the top side of the circuit board to the bottom. All things of the past, of course, modern Icom transceivers are among the best. Kenwood owners didn’t care, of course, and presented this voucher to a HAM who recently bought an Icom IC-7000:

Icom Voucher

I now should mention jokes about Yaesu here, but I just can’t seem to remember any. Strange. Selective memory maybe.