The IT9RYH soap

IT9RYH, also known as “Nino”, has been active on 20 meters as long as I can remember. There’s only one problem: his equipment knows only one frequency, 14.195 MHz.

Although (technically speaking) there’s nothing wrong with that, rare DX & DXpeditions frequently operate SSB here, generally listening up-split. For the record: no official rule forbids you to use this frequency for other purposes, it’s just a gentlemen’s agreement.

Nino always refused to change his behaviour. As time passed by, things got ugly. People around the world now jam this frequency 24/7. What these people don’t realize, is that they actually made things worse. Instead of one station keeping this frequency occupied now and then, we now have dozens.

Where’s the famous HAM spirit?


6 comments on “The IT9RYH soap

  1. It’s noticeable to see the upcoming 3B7C Dxpedition are to use 14145 as their chosen “Dx freq”.

    It’s such a shame. In years gone passed,14195 was the hotbed of DX activity, always guaranteed some rare station to appear. Now, nobody touches it with a barge pole.

    Someone recently mentioned about a DX station TXing on 14190 and listening up 5..great idea!

    In all seriousness, i guess 14195 should just be ignored until ‘RYH and co are shutdown for good.

    Btw, if interested, my blog had a good going topic on said callsign and cohort.

    It clearly rattled them hence the replies, but it didn’t, in the end, do much good.

    At least someone had the balls to try something 😉

  2. Ok, Nino is wrong by using that frequency as his, but no law can prevent that. If the community is smart enough they go to another frequency nearby. But jamming is against the law (never heard a callsign) and that pleases Nino to continue.
    It’s sad but reality…

  3. Anybody can use that frequency if it is free. Nino is not wrong using it. I know it is his preferred frquency for more the 30 years.
    And I also know the strange behaviour of some DX expeditions suddenly appear either themselves or with their receive window on occupied frequencies without checking first.
    If they do it on the frequency I am using already they certainly will make no qsos there.

    If those expeditions don´t move on 14195 I am sure there will be no trouble with Nino.

    Peter, DF3KV

  4. I have no problem with nino using this frequency all the time but what i do have a problem with is when i occupied the frequency for over an hour and then he decided to come onto it with his 5/9+ signal and start calling DX over the top of me. I used to feel sorry for him with people giving him hasstle, however when i told him the frequency was occupied he just ignored me and continued to call. THE GUYS A LUNATIC, seriously i think he has mental health issues for real. It drove me mad and i can now understand why people loose the place with him. I decided just to move frequency after occupying it for over an hour.

  5. this is in poor spirit what Nino is doing….how dare he say he owns this frequency??? Mental illness comes in many forms…seems I have found another…this guy has to be stopped as he make QRM for anyone that wants, legally, to use this frequency. Now today all i hear is 1-2-3 testing for over 1 hours, and no one replies to this man as he has his mic keyed permanently???I think its time this man lost his license and was re-educated.

  6. What I find incomprehensible is that his family tolerates his behavior.

    Imagine living in a house with a husband and, presumably, father making a complete fool of himself for all the world to hear. One can only wonder what they talk about at dinner time?! Or maybe he’s locked himself into the radio shack? Sad, indeed. 😦

    That house must get a lot of hate mail.

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