Report: Wireless signals aren’t hazardous

I have been exposed to wireless signals from the age of eight, sometimes to KiloWatts of ERP, hours in an row. In spite of that, I never experienced any side effects, I didn’t get ill and my brain is still functioning. Am I special? Am I alone?

There appears to be a breed of people that would die instantly if they would ever visit my shack. Individuals with Idiopathic Environmental Illness with attribution to electromagnetic fields (IEI-EMF) believe they suffer negative health effects when exposed to electromagnetic fields from everyday objects, such as mobile phone base stations. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services put these claims to the test.

The scientific evidence leads to the conclusion that short-term rf-emf exposure from mobile phone technology is not related to levels of well-being or physical symptoms in IEI-EMF individuals. Furthermore, IEI-EMF individuals were unable to detect the presence of rf-emf under double-blind conditions. It remains the case however, that IEI-EMF individuals present a range of distressing and serious symptoms and often have a very poor quality of life.

The complete report: iei-emf.pdf