Wireless mayhem

Being a HAM operator, I should love wireless stuff. This is true in most cases, but not always. Some new wireless keyboards (and mouses) work in the 11 meter band. Quite frequently, these devices stop working. Any reasonable signal from a CB operator in the neighborhood is enough to make these (micro Watt) devices worthless.

A wireless door bell, one block away, works in “our” 70 cm band (on 433.920 MHz, to be exact). It’s not surprising that this door bell fails when we are having our daily QSO’s. Guess who gets blaimed for the interference?

Some car keys work on the same frequency. A month ago, I did an experiment. While being parked at a gas station, I set my tranceiver to 433.920 and kept the PTT button down for a while. My signal did the trick: three out of ten car owners had to open their vehicle manually.

When will manufacturers stop using frequencies which are intended for HAM- or CB use?


2 comments on “Wireless mayhem

  1. Thanks for the post, I really didn’t realize that these devices used any frequencies that were designated for amateur radio use.

    I just found a report yesterday (posted on my blog) about a these new shoes that operate on the APRS frequencies, guess there is a long list of items like that these days.

    73, KI4WLR

  2. One night I was having a conversation with a few guys around town. I was crossbanding through my vehicle, and talking from my YLs apartment. When I left to go to work that night I was locked out of my own car in a rainstorm due to my UHF crossband frequency (433.9000 MHz) and a long winded guy in our group.

    Then there is the comical instance of that same crossband frequency jamming the remote controls for those shopping cart pushers.

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