QRZ.COM closes Rag Chew Central

Rag Chew Central CLOSED

Effective immediately, the forum Rag Chew Central has been closed.

QRZ was flagged by a major advertising network for providing adult content and this has resulted in a significant financial impact to our company. Regulars in this forum will know who to blame for the bad behavior that took the site down for all.

The ‘adult content’ part is nonsense, but the forum won’t be missed.

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7 comments on “QRZ.COM closes Rag Chew Central

  1. They are also doing a crackdown on QRZ profile images. When you click add/edit pictures, the following warning now shows up:
    “NOTICE No pornographic photos of any kind are allowed. No nudity, semi-nudity, girlie pics, breasts, scanty bikini’s, sexually gratifying, partially clothed, see-through clothing, etc., images are allowed. Upload only the types of images that you might see in a magazine such as QST. Our picture decisions are final and we may delete any image at any time without notice or debate. Repeat offenders will be banned from the site.”

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