Icom buys Baofeng

Well, not exactly, but I got your attention, right? Who wants a Baofeng UV-5R which only does a lousy 4/3 Watts at best while you can get an Icom variety which does 10 Watts on both bands? Well?

I think all of this must drive Icom crazy, but I wonder if they can do anything about it.

Icom Fake 01Icom Fake 02Icom Fake 03

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10 comments on “Icom buys Baofeng

  1. 10 Watts so close to your brain would drive anyone crazy, not just Icom. From now on you can recognize a Baofeng/Icom user by the vacant expression on his face.

  2. Hello my name is joe I enjoy reading your blog .. Could you please or anyone tell me the portable ham radio that has the highest output. I’m new to this hobby and eager to learn more . Thank you joe …

  3. The uv92ad doesn’t even look like a real Icom radio. It looks like a knock-off, really.
    I bought a Tonfa radio as a hamfest this year and it claims to do 8 watts on both bands, but I honestly think I get better performance from my Wouxun 5-watt HT.

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