Having Fun With Americans

If you ever visit my house, I will force feed you Dutch Licorice (“Drop” in Dutch). Your reaction to the stuff will be videotaped and put on YouTube.

Video #1

Video #2

Other required reading before you ever visit this country: http://stuffdutchpeoplelike.com/

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9 comments on “Having Fun With Americans

    • I shop at various supermarkets, AH being one of them.

      I have the same ‘problem’ – stuff commonly available in the USA can’t be found here. Since I don’t travel anymore, my stock of American products is almost zero now. This stuff for example.

      Amazon sells it, but shipping costs are insanely high, more expensive than the product itself.

    • I just checked prices for sending packages to the USA, but it would be way too expensive. Up to 2 kilograms would already be €24,30.

  1. Wow that’s a lot … I.8 kg from here would cost $35.06, 1 kg would cost $23.40. Pricing is on usps.com

    Still happy to do it for you. 1 kg will contain a lot of deodorants, but not many chocolate spreads. Let me know; I can send you my real email/name/etc

  2. Las ik nou “Salmiak ballen” op het zakje? Ja logisch dat ze het niet lekker vinden haha. Geef ze maar een dropje met DZ er op, spugen ze zo weer uit. Honingdrop gaat beter denk ik…

  3. In all honesty… The first one was not licorise…. It was a salmiak version…. Half the dutch dont even like em…
    And as my in laws are american… They only like the real sweet licorise… Which for most dutchies tends to get too sweet….

    Being force fed licorise by Hans… Maybe i should drop by this evening :)

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