The $3.79 antenna = $2.68 antenna

268-antennaWhile the performance of this antenna is slightly less than the UV-B5 antenna, it’s still a very good deal – especially for UV-5R owners who still use the original (short) antenna.

If you buy 10 at once, the price dropped to an all-time low: $2.68. Find friends who want one too!

Seller’s reputation is 100%. How on earth can a company produce these for such a price? There must be something I don’t understand about economics.

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8 comments on “The $3.79 antenna = $2.68 antenna

  1. tks bro ….. for instant response …. cheers ….
    anyway , i am now using 2 x UV-3R+ , really like its size , but dont know how if compared to uv-b5 …
    i tried to homebrew UHF collinear , but not having the SWR meter , so cant really measure the performance .
    now , i am building my UHF repeater with 2 walkie talkie , i only use FRS channels , just for fun anyway ….
    intending to buy another (greater) 2 baofeng to substitute my repeater …

  2. in fact , i am looking at 2 x UV-5R (which reach 520mhz) OR BF-888S to substitute my repeater units ,,,,, on a budget …. what is your opinion ?
    cheers …

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