Ham Radio Test Bench

It took some time, selling off gear and a little of extra money, but my test bench is up an running again. Apart from the obvious tools (soldering iron and such), mine consists the following equipment:

- Digital and analog (FET) multimeters
- LCR meter
- Frequency counters, one bench type, one portable
- Function generator
- Dual-channel DSO (Digital Storage Oscilloscope)
- Wattmeter/Dummyload, calibrated
- Big magnifying glass
- Watchmaker’s loupe

This will do fine for now. If this equipment lasts as long as the old ones, which is about 20 years, I won’t complain. Picture (click for super sized image):

PD0AC's Ham Radio Test Bench

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One comment on “Ham Radio Test Bench

  1. Impressive line-up, Hans.

    By the way, where have you been lately? I haven’t heard you on. Having said that, I haven’t had access to my other pc laptop, because my daughter needed it for uni.


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