Yaesu / Standard Horizon SR-70, SR-100

I ran into these colorful, channel based radios from Yaesu / Standard Horizon. Output is 10 mW only, they do FM and AFSK/FM, and use operating frequencies that are clearly tailored to the Japanese market.

When looking at the accessory list, it seems that these radios are programmable, at least to some extent. From what I understand one channel bank is used for simplex, two other banks are pre-programmed for repeater use.

Looks like fun toys to me, when these would work in our amateur bands. No pricing available, and there’s no guarantee that these radios will ever be sold in an EU or US version.

Flyer (PDF, in Japanese): SR100_SR70_Flyer
Manual (PDF, in Japanese): SR70_manual-1


SR-70 SR-100Some specs:(*)

01ch ~ 11ch : 422.0500MHz ~ 422.1750MHz
1ch ~ 9ch : 422.2000MHz ~ 422.3000MHz

10ch ~18ch :
TX freq. 440.2625MHz ~ 440.3625MHz
RX freq. 421.8125MHz ~ 421.9125MHz

12ch ~ 29ch :
TX freq. 440.0250MHz ~ 440.2375MHz
RX freq. 421.5750MHz ~ 421.7875MHz

- Modulation: F3E (FM), F2D (AFSK/FM)
- Works in simplex and repeater modes
- RF Power Output: 10mW
- Sensitivity:-8dB μV (@ 12dB SINAD)
- Audio output: 60mW (@ 4 Ω, 10% distortion)
- Operating temperature: -10℃~+ 50℃
- Power requirements: Single alkaline AA batteries (33 hours operation)
- Sold separately: nickel-metal hydride battery (39 hours operation)
- Dimensions: 57.0(W) × 88.0(H) × 16.5mm(D)
- Weight: 95g
- Waterproof and dust proof according to IP67

(*) According to my translation attempts; I might have made some errors

Yaesu FT-991 Pricing

So far we had only rumors, an estimated price of $1600 – $1800. As it turns out the rumors were quite accurate.

USA: $1699.95 (Universal Radio)
UK: £999.00 (Nevada Radio)
NL: € 1.269,00 (hamshop.nl)

Availability not guaranteed (yet).

As soon as the price point became clear, there were a lot of comments from hams. Some remarks taken from Google+:

“Wow that is a bit pricey!” (Matt Kent)

“Certainly not a FT-897 class replacement but the LCD display took care of that idea all by itself.” (David Gillooly)

“The problem i see with this is they are replacing a 1000 dollar radio with a 2000 dollar one that does not really do much more than the 1000 dollar one. The built in tuners specs are not even on par with a LDG that costs only 150 and the digital mode isn’t worth that much additional money. I can only assume they wanted this model to fail or its not really focused on the American backpackers market at all.” (Trinity Bays)

They are all pricey for me. (Hunkerdown Homestead)

The radio will probably sell well, regardless of the comments. Whether the radio is worth its price is to be seen. Too pricey? Maybe, but don’t forget that VHF and UHF are included, and so is Yaesu’s own digital mode System Fusion.

From a commercial point of view I think including System Fusion is a smart move. Making it an option will certainly make the FT-991 cheaper, but it would slow down the adaptation of System Fusion. If it’s there, chances are that you will use it. If it’s an option, people might think “Meh” and ignore it.

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